Can Education Be Fun?

When children are the ones being educated, it makes one wonder, can education be fun? Education is necessary no matter the age, but how can we as home educators make them understand this all important concept? First of all, it is not easy. Sometimes, it is like brushing your teeth with a mouth full of chocolate. Sometimes, it is very difficult indeed. How can we as parents make education fun? Honestly, the level of fun depends on the child. I have two boys and two girls. My oldest son, is by nature very creative. He enjoys drawing, writing stories, and reading. On the other end of the spectrum, he has never been very analytical and has not found much use for Math. For him, we have tried 3 separate curriculums to find the perfect one for his learning style. We tried Singapore Math, Teaching Textbooks, and are currently utilizing Christian Light Education for Math. In an attempt to make his education somewhat fun, we allow him more of the things he loves and taper down those things he does not like so much. He understands that while we can not skip those less enjoyable things, we do what is possible to liven it up some.

My second oldest has some considerable trouble with anything writing. While he is very smart and always gets very good grades, asking him to write a sentence is enough at times to send him over the edge. He is very analytical and enjoys anything requiring research. He is also doing CLE Math (Christian Light Education). He is actually doing a grade above where he should be. He consistently wants to compete with his older brother and does quite well. For him, we limit the amount of his required writing by allowing him to do some things orally.

My 5 year old is a pleasure to do school with as she is eager to learn. She, along with my two boys learned to read from a book Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons, which can be found on Amazon.

Our 3 year old listens and is learning to trace. Perhaps she too will find some fun in her home education.


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