Choosing The Right Home School Curriculum

Choosing the right home school curriculum depends on a number of factors, but it mostly depends on the type of learner you are teaching. What do I mean by the “type of learner?” Depending on age, some children enjoy reading, while others do not. The good news about homeschooling is, you can choose which is best for your type of learner. Obviously, a child that does not enjoy reading would need a curriculum more auditory based.

I have 4 children, 3 of which are of school age and one that is not. My 10-year old is the reader, while my 8-year old needs bribery of some sort for extra reading. He understands a certain amount of reading is required but additional reading needs a different type of encouragement. My other school age student is in kindergarten, she is already reading quite well and appears to enjoy it a great deal. Soon she will be able to approach a more reading heavy curriculum.

Boys, unfortunately seem to have a more difficult time than girls on keeping focused on the task at hand. Many days, 5 to ten minutes at a time is all I can seem to ask of my boys. We give our boys a 15 minute break after completing 2 assignments and then break it up into different auditory, and then writing, and then perhaps reading.
The point of this post is choosing the right home school curriculum depends not only on the subject, but on the type of learner, age, and learning style of that learner.

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