Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Many parents want a Christian homeschool curriculum but due to the vast amount of materials available, do not know where to start. As homeschool parents, my wife and I don’t use one particular curriculum but combine a number of different ideas for any given school year. We enjoy Apologia for science, in fact, this year we will be studying land animals. The previous year we used Heart of Dakota for science but believe as our children have matured wanted to go a different direction. Last school year we used Christian Light Education (CLE) for Language Arts, Reading, and Math. This year we chose to combine our Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Art, and Geography in the Good and the Beautiful curricula. We will also continue our Rosetta Stone foreign language and Musiah for our Piano.

christian homeschool curriculum

First glance would indicate a that our children are required to do a great deal of school work, but honestly, school ends normally around 2:00 PM. We also include two 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch. Having four children complicates the homeschool process, but we have a bit of a plan and hope it can be executed rather well. Obviously, there is always room for changes, that’s the beauty of homeschool.

While we have a number of different subjects forming our curriculum, a true Christian homeschool curriculum begins with Bible Study. We did not want to just do some canned or right of the box study. Our bible study has a number of aspects; print-outs, Bible reading, prayer, and singing. We try to make it a basic study as our children’s ages range from 10 to 3, but we make sure the older kids practice reading from their own Bibles and answer various life applicable questions.

A Christian homeschool curriculum may not be your primary goal when educating your children, but I highly suggest keeping Christ front and center in your life.

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