Establishing a Home School Schedule?

All important tasks require a great deal of forethought. According to the Word of God, no one sets his hand to build something without counting the costs. Our children are the most important people in our lives. Other people or things may appear to be more important at times, but in our attempt to raise well educated, biblically grounded, and respectable people, we forget about them.
Today was one of those days where everyone in our home was chaotic. This chaos persisted for the majority of the day. Is it possible to find some sense of order through the chaos? For honesty’s sake, I am not sure I completely recovered from the difficult day that is finally gone.
Thankfully though, we did finish our school for the day, I somehow was able to clean the house to some degree of respectability. Establishing a home school schedule helps everyone to know what the day will look like and for the most part, prevent chaos from establishing its rule.

The time is now 11:00 p.m. and I am finally able to sit down a write this post. I am not exactly sure what happened today, but despite the same schedule being in place for nearly 10 months I still struggled and am happy the day is over. Scheduling our day is a neat idea, but if you have multiple children, then you realize that said schedule can be difficult at times to enforce. Sometimes we mustn’t be so rigid that our children resent the schedule and do their best to disrupt things. The beauty of home educating your own children, you can change things up a bit in order to make things easier to deal with. Is establishing a home school schedule necessary? Certainly, but keep in mind the schedule is a guideline and is not the law of Moses.

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