Getting Started With Kindergarten Home School

Getting started with kindergarten home school can be a big step. While my wife and I started our home learning with “Learning to Read With 100 Easy Lessons,” our next step was a full curriculum using Heart of Dakota. Heart of Dakota’s kindergarten book “Little Hearts For His Glory” is a great place to start. This guide book provides an excellent foundation that includes Bible, History, Science, and a whole lot more. What I like about this beginning curriculum is the gentleness and ease it brings introducing children to key concepts for future education. My wife and I used this for all of our school-aged children and for the most part, each child loved it.
Heart of Dakota is a very popular curriculum for many home school parents. Please keep in mind though, this guide book is just that. It references numerous books that will need to be purchased separately unless of course you buy directly from the Heart of Dakota website. From the website, you can purchase a basic package with the necessary materials. If you wish to mix and match or if you have the time to locate other materials, you can find a number of them on Amazon or Ebay that are slightly used. Regardless of how you purchase your materials, Heart of Dakota is a great place to begin your home school journey.

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