Should Home School Parents Accept Money From the Department of Education?

Home School education is becoming more and more acceptable around the United States. While it is understandably a bit controversial, the Federal Government is finally taking notice. In fact, the new U.S Secretary of Education Betsy Devos recently held a private meeting with the HSLDA. This private meeting was the first of its kind in 38-years. Based on an article from the HSLDA website, the federal government is taking notice of the homeschool reality and want to offer vouchers for home educators to help cover costs of home education.  Should home school parents accept money from the Department of Education? If not, Why?


There are a number of families that would like to provide a home education to their children, but can not due to the financial burden. While there are state funded virtual schools, many parents would prefer to choose their curriculum and therefore, need assistance to cover the materials. Arguments for and against homeschool vouchers can be found from a simple Google search. Passionately many of these arguments make perfect sense for parents everywhere. From a personal perspective, I am grateful for the Department of Education’s acknowledgement of the value of home education. This acknowledgement may help encourage skeptics see homeschool as vital for our nation. On the other hand, as Christ’s follower, I believe it would be wise to not accept money from the Federal Government.

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A main concern for many home school parents is freedom. This freedom is why we choose to educate our children from home. If the government provides vouchers for home school parents, would it be safe to assume that the freedom to teach the Biblical worldview to our children could be squelched? There have been a number of  government programs set up to help those in need. Later, these same programs that once teemed with Christian principles and Ethics became nothing more than a way to control those they were meant to help. Keeping the government out of our home education programs are vital if we wish to teach our children using Christ-centered home school curricula.

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