Are You A Qualified Home Educator?

Are you qualified to be a home educator? There seems to be a big misconception involving who is and who is not qualified to home educate their children. I am a big advocate for home education. In fact, if I can teach my children to walk, use the potty, and eat properly I feel that I should be qualified to educate them in academics. Does this mean everyone is qualified? Honestly, I am not entirely certain. A bigger question should be, “Is a public school teacher better qualified than mom and dad?” Perhaps there are some advantages for children to be taught by a certified professional, but Do they care more for your children than you?

Home Educator

The level of professionalism may be present, but the inward motivation for a child’s success can not be greater than that of the parents. I am truly aware that there are teachers in the public school system that care deeply for children and want them to succeed, but generally speaking, I am not sure this same care is the same across the board. There are too many children in the classroom, so personalized attention isn’t possible. There are a number of distractions and unfortunately unruly children in the classroom. Teachers are then forced to spend a great deal of time quelling bad behavior which limits a teachers ability to be effective in their field.

Home school moms and dads have a vested interest in the success of their children. Speaking from a parents perspective, my lifetime goal is to raise my children to be mature, responsible and educated adults. They are not only being taught to respect others, but are learning the importance of hard work and independence that I am not sure they would learn in a classroom environment. Do parents need a college education in order to be a home educator? It is possible a degree could be beneficial, but I don’t believe it is necessary. The point of this entire blog post is to spark conversation in regards to home education, not just any conversation, but conversation that encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education and personal development. Unfortunately, too many parents are relying on public schools to educate and teach personal responsibility. Looking around at our society, I am not certain the current education model is effective.

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