Home School Saturday

Benjamin Franklin said “Why put off tomorrow what you can do today,” When it comes to home school, sometimes it is necessary. On Wednesday’s we have a long day. First, we have our school. School on Wednesday usually takes about 3 to 4 hours. After school, we often go grocery shopping. We chose to reduce our expenses by eliminating one of our vehicles. This makes life a little complicated, but allows us to shop as a family. Shopping together provides an opportunity for our children to see the price of food; therefore, teaching them how to efficiently manage a food budget. After putting our groceries away, we then go to the YMCA for exercise and swimming. Finally, we go to church.

We typically get home from church around 9:00 PM and get into bed pretty late. We know lack of sleep is a recipe for disaster, we often forego or have an easy school session on Thursdays. My wife typically works on Saturdays, so this give me the perfect opportunity to do home school with the children. Today’s schooling worked out fairly well since there was no history and some quizzes for other subjects. Unfortunately on Saturdays, there is a little too much TV and Tablets, but the week is often hard and long. I believe having this downtime allows the kids to take a bit of a break from responsibility and just be kids.

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