Home School Schedule

Homeschool should not be solely about academics. My wife was part of a cardiovascular seminar 2 weeks ago. Since then, she has expressed concern about me as a stay at home dad. Unfortunately, it is easy to neglect your health when your role as a human being is chasing children all day long. One would think this running constitutes some sort of exercise, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Today rather than doing school, I allowed my children to relax and set out to find an affordable gym membership. The quest appeared all but lost when we as a family decided it was best to become members of the local YMCA. Rather than simply worry about my health, my whole family can get out of the house, learn about water safety and get some physical exercise for $82 per month.

As I look around outside of the four walls of our home, it is not difficult to see that our nation is in a health crisis. There are too many people in the United States with health problems, and the root cause can be traced back to obesity. High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and a number of issues can be traced back to what we eat as a people.

The purpose of this blog post is to promote a healthy lifestyle. I as a person would not be considered overweight; by today’s standards that is. Only a few short years ago, I would be considered overweight. My goal in going to the YMCA is two fold: get myself in shape and establish some healthy exercise patterns for my children.

Our home school schedule is very important for optimum educational success, but often, we neglect physical exercise. What good is a healthy mind without a healthy body?

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