Home School Vs Public School Which Is Best?

Over the past few years, home school has become an ever popular option for a child’s education. Which is best home school or public school? Is homeschooling only for people of faith or conservatives? This blog post will weigh the pros and cons of both home education and public school. First, let us talk about the positives and negatives of public education.

Home School

Pros: Public School

  1. Public School allows both parents to enjoy a career (perspective varies).
  2. Children are taught by a professionally trained educator.
  3. Children enjoy socialization.

Cons: Public School

  1. Crowded classrooms detract from individual learning.
  2. Children feel the need to be cool and are often affected by dangerous trends learned from peers.
  3. Some children are often singled out by bullies and endure months or years of torment at the hands of that bully. Oftentimes, the child is unable to focus on an education and can fall into a deep state of depression.
  4. Children often learn about sexual activity sooner than necessary. This sexual enlightenment often lends to early sexual experimentation, unwanted pregnancy, and additional peer pressures from the opposite sex.

While home schooling is less understood by society than public school, there are negatives and positives as well.

Pros: Home School

  1. Children are often taught by one or both parents, therefore; a better chance of building better relationships. Parents often choose to home school their children to facilitate self learning and love for learning.
  2. Children taught at home do not need to compete for their instructors time, therefore; can go over important concepts until the child grasps the material.
  3. Children that are home schooled are not under the peer pressure of being cool.
  4. Children that are home schooled often score higher on SAT’s than public school students.
  5. School is often completed much quicker than if in a public school setting.

Cons: Home School

  1. Background noise can obstruct from a child’s learning. Many homeschool moms and dads have multiple children, oftentimes these children are younger and can be noisy.
  2. Children that are home schooled can feel they are the center of everything. When they enter the real world, there may be a longer period of adjustment.
  3. Parents may not be effective as educators.
  4. Children may become bored and crave social interaction with someone their own age.

There are a number of pros and cons to home and public education. My wife and I have chosen home school as the preferred method for educating our children. They seem to be doing very well. There are far more positives for home schooling versus the alternative of public school. The decision to educate your children at home is yours to make. Is it possible for you to home educate your children? If so, I recommend the home option rather than the public one.

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