Homeschool Parents Question Themselves

Being a stay at home parent is hard enough without dealing with the stressors that come from PTA meetings, Band Practice, Football, Baseball and many other school related activities. Homeschool parents deal with some of these things, but the most common stressor for parents is the constant questioning deep within,  “am I qualified to teach my own children.” There are a number of days when teaching is a breeze, where everyone cooperates, the peace in the home is at its best, but there are those other times when you just want to quit. Fortunately, you are not being employed to teach; you are simply doing it because you believe it is right for your children. What happens on those days when chaos ensues and a minor ant-hill becomes a gigantic mountain? How do you handle it? The bad news is sometimes there are no answers for these days. You simply make it through the day and hope tomorrow is different. Wanting to quit almost always enters our minds on the bad days, that makes us human. Quitting is never an option in life, and our children are worth every difficult day we encounter.

Homeschool Parents

The lessons we teach our children if we quit on them is they are not worth our effort. These lessons can affect them for the rest of their lives. The lessons they learn when we stick it out during the bad times demonstrates that they are loved no matter what. When a child misbehaves, the need to know they are loved, the same is true when their behavior is excellent. Why do children make life hard? Here are a few things to consider:

  • They may be tired. Even though you put them in the bed at the optimum time for sleep, they may not have slept well.
  • Your child may have felt mistreated in some way. It may not be obvious, but asking if you wronged them may be a valid question to ask.
  • The subject matter may not be interesting or too difficult. As homeschool parents, you may need to work on your teaching approach.
  • They may feel like too much is required of them.
  • Sometimes they may just need a break outside or do something they wish to do.
  • Perhaps the home is not organized well enough. Some children are ok with a messy home and some are not. I know when the children pull out more toys than they can play with, it makes me a bit agitated.

A child does not misbehave just to be bad; something is wrong. As a homeschool parent, your ability to teach depends on a number of factors, but it is almost never about your abilities. Love them and don’t give up. Work on the way you deliver the materials and listen to your child. Often he or she will give you clues on their behavior.

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