Homeschooling Multiple Grade Levels at Once

If the concept of homeschooling was not hard enough, it is quite a bit more difficult when homeschooling multiple grade levels at once. Our home is occupied by 2 adults and 4 young children ranging from 3 to 10 years of age. While our 3 year old is not officially “homeschooled,” she is learning and must be occupied while school is in session. Perhaps you as a homeschool parent have a perfectly working system. For the rest of us, we need to be creative and learn as we go. Here are some tips that may help your home school become easier.

While it is natural to want your children to learn a number of different school subjects, in certain circumstances it may be best to focus solely on the core items. What would your child need to function in the real world? Obviously, your child will need to read, write and perform arithmetic. Outside of this, for each person to be truly well rounded, history, and some form of creative arts should be incorporated into their learning.


As your child increases in maturity and age, it is a must for your child to learn independence with their schooling. Our 2 boys (3rd and 5th graders) are currently taking their foreign language (Portuguese since my wife is from Brazil) and piano lessons (affiliate link enter code 5609 this will save you $10 off first lesson) on the computer. They also have their own language arts and reading curricula.

Despite age differences, it may be possible to have your students share parts of their curricula. For instance, we are currently doing Heart Of Dakota which requires some small history projects and oral reading. Each child is still required to do their own work, but book reading is shared.

We do school with the older children first thing in the morning and then the younger after lunch. If my wife and I are home together, we split up and she typically does the schooling with our girls that are younger. I almost always do school with the boys.

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