The Difference Between Parent and Indentured Servant


Are Parents nothing more than indentured servants at the beck and call of our children. As a father of 4, I watch my children react differently to me than their mother. My wife is an RN, this means she works really hard. Her twelve hour days are unfortunately nothing more than striving to complete a desired number of tasks, only to fall short of her goal each day. When she is home, both our boys and girls are clamoring for her. When mom is home, our 3 year old wants nothing from me; even a cup of water tastes different coming from her hand. My exhausted wife while truly grateful for the attention needs a moment for herself. Is there a difference between parent and indentured servant?

indentured servant
As I observe how they interact with her, I find myself getting frustrated and a whole well of emotions stirs within. What can I do? I am with the children most of the time, and unfortunately from her, they want her and not me. I myself am finding it difficult to remain at home while my wife is working. I try, but can’t keep up with the house work (the motivation is hard to find). For the most part we are homeschooling together and feel the kids are getting a great education, but there are a number of times that I want nothing to do with homeschooling. I simply want to send them to public school. Obviously based on previous posts, I am against public school for a number of reasons.
Still the question nags within me, “what is the difference between parent and indentured servant? She devotes all of her time to the kids and saves none for herself unless it is at 11:00 PM at night.
The difference between parent and indentured servant is simple in concept, but difficult to put into practice. Based on the Word of God, Jesus Himself did not come to be served but to serve. We are given this example for a reason. In fact, Jesus had almost no time for Himself. While frustrating at times, my wife is a true servant to everyone. She does it because she loves. She forces herself as she is so tired but no one forces her. That is the difference. She does everything out of love while the indentured servant does it out of necessity. If anyone deserves a break, is my wife and I pray she will be able to rest and not feel guilty.

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