Homeschooling is an emotional decision for many parents. First of all, the thought of our little ones starting school means they are already growing up (at least in our minds). Finding the perfect curricula is not the easiest process, in fact, my wife spends countless hours looking for the perfect curriculum. The good news is as home school mom or dad, you are not bound to only one curriculum. Early in our children’s learning, we used a number of different items; one of which was Heart of Dakota’s “Little Hearts For His Glory.” This easy to understand Guid Book can be purchased along with the necessary items directly from their website (not an affiliate link). There you can buy the Little Hearts along with other recommended materials such as:

  • History For Little Pilgrims
  • History Stories For Children
  • Fine Motor Skills – we substituted this with Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons (affiliate link) I highly recommend this book
  • Storytime Set (8 book set)


We also purchased:

  • Family Time Bible
  • 101 Favorite Stories from The Bible

These items seemed to have worked well for our Family, especially as a starting off Point.

For the math portion of our Kindergarten, we chose Singapore Math. We found this to be pretty decent with our oldest child through first grade, but needed to change things up for second grade.

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