Last Day of Public School

Today is the last day of public school. The summer will begin and children will be enrolled in their summer camps and have a good chance of enjoying their summer. For my homeschooled family, there will be another 2 weeks of school. Unfortunately with 4 children, sickness has truly rocked our school year; that and we had visitors from Brazil. With our many breaks we will need an additional 2 weeks to finish.
While my mind is telling me that I can’t continue home school any longer for this term, it must be done for the sake of my children’s education. We are winding things down though. Math has been completed and Language Arts is nearly done, so things are getting a bit easier. It is however, getting more difficult to keep the kiddos motivated. Unfortunately everyone is growing increasingly more irritable. We must push forward and be excellent as we are commanded in the Bible.
My youngest appears to have something strange going on in her belly. She was sick 4 days ago and is having the strangest color poop. If anyone reads this blog post, please pray for her. Trying to keep myself from worrying, but unfortunately when something happens to our children it is very difficult to keep from worrying. With God at the helm, everything shall work out as it should.

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