Teaching Children Lifelong Lasting Values

When my wife and I were considering having children, one of the prevailing concerns was the education aspect. Would we be sending our children to public school? I grew up in MS and remember the difficulty I faced in growing up in the school system. There were never enough teachers to go around, there were drugs pervasively available, and there were bullies. There was always someone that felt the need to start trouble, even though I did my best to mind my own business. When I got older, rather than facing the difficulties of the school system, I chose to skip school. I also did the drugs and eventually quit school. I began to use alcohol and wanted nothing more than to party. Thankfully, there was someone who cared for me and repeatedly told me about Christ and His love. I did not want to hear of this, as it was a very odd concept. Eventually, I listened and my heart and life was changed. I learned from this point the lifelong lasting values taught by Christ.

Fast forward 20 years later, I am a husband to one wife and father to 4 children. My desire is to keep them from some of my same mistakes. I wanted to consistently teach them about the Christ that saved my life. We have regular Bible Study as a part of their curriculum. A big aspect of homeschooling is teaching children lifelong lasting values. It is inevitable that they should experience the world in some way, but I believe sending them to public school only increases their chances of not following values that line up with the Bible. For the next school year, I would certainly love to increase the amount of Bible Study we each have on a daily basis. Many parents homeschool because they feel home education is far superior than that of public school. There is a freedom a parent possesses that a professor or teacher does not. We as parents not only have the privilege of teaching our children academic excellence, but moral and lifelong values that come from God’s Word.

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