No Home School Thursday

Thursday is typically our day off from school. We somewhat slept in and decided I needed a new cell phone, so we went on a “Family Field Trip.” I unfortunately cracked the glass on my cell phone a few days ago. I had been keeping a cover on my phone, but was having some trouble with it and left it sitting on the counter. Then while not paying attention, I set a hot pot on the corner of it and the entire screen began cracking. I thought replacing the glass would be simple, unfortunately it was not and to make a long story longer, the cell phone is no longer repairable. My wife and I both purchased new phones for about $150 and for the most part feel we made a decent purchase.
What does my rambling have to do with school? Other than staying home and relaxing for “No Home School Thursday, we not only went out to purchase new cell phones, but also went to the YMCA. Our children needed a break. Tomorrow, we will buckle down and attempt to have a productive day learning.

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