Power of Forgiveness in Children


This morning was a rather difficult day of homeschool. Sometimes our days just don’t start out as we would want them to. My younger son woke up with a bit of an attitude. Perhaps he did not sleep too well, regardless, he seemed to get out of the bed complaining. Things progressed with a few more complaints, then I asked him to put our dog in her crate. He responded with frustration and I did not do too well with that. This post is not about my son’s attitude, but the way I handled it. Rather than catching on to the difficulties he was having, I compounded the issue by raising my voice. My attitude and my tone made him cry. After a short while though, he calmed down and just grew silent. He looked up at me and said, “Dad, I’m sorry for being mad at you.” My heart sank and I apologized and told him I loved him, and all was settled.

When people spend a great deal of time together, it is inevitable, that disagreements will come. There will be moments when everything seems to be falling apart. When those moments pass, it is of utmost importance to look for a peaceful solution. I am not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud that my 8 year old child was the one that initiated the mending of a very touch situation. He is a kind hearted little guy, and I am truly amazed by how much wisdom God can place in the heart of a child. The forgiveness of children and the wisdom to recognize its power is nothing short of extraordinary. Many times we as parents set out to teach our children, but oftentimes in the end, it is the parents that are being taught. Today started out quite difficult, but ended up as one for the books.

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