Why Public Schools Are Wrong For Our Children

Living in the United States provides children with many education options. Here are the obvious three most well known: Public, Private, and Home education. While each option provides some positive benefits for our children, not all options are created equal. Here are some questions we as parents should ask before sending our children to public school:
Public School

Should a total stranger or strangers be responsible for our children for 7 to 8 hours daily? During the time our children spend at school, other than core educational values, what are they being taught. You would not need to look far to realize public schools are not as safe as they used to be. Teachers becoming intimate with students, refusing children the right to read and discuss the Word of God and being forced to accept societal deficiencies as normal are only a few issues children face in the public school system.

Is a child’s public education customizable to his or her needs? Children don’t all learn at the same pace. I am not sure why this comes as a surprise to public school educators, but each child is different; therefore, children would be better served if their education was customizable. Home school students benefit from this model of education and a number of studies indicate students that receive a home education almost always do better in college than those children educated in a public school setting.

Will my child be treated fairly because of his or her beliefs? Most parents that home school their children do so for religious reasons. In my case, I don’t want someone telling my children everything they are being taught is wrong or of no value. I teach my children that every person regardless of their deeds is sinful in God’s sight, that  Jesus Christ is His Son and that Jesus is the only means of salvation. There are other parents that choose to homeschool for reasons of safety and of course to ensure their children have the best education possible.

If you as a parent have no choice but to send your children to public school, then please consider this blog post as my personal opinion and make your decisions based on your own personal research.

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