Putting Together A Homeschool Schedule

Being an effective homeschool educator requires organization; therefore, putting together a homeschool schedule is of utmost importance. One question I get over and over, is “how do you manage 4 children?” Honestly at times, I have no idea. Attempting to get 4 little individuals to do what you need them to do is often quite difficult. Much like us, children get up on the wrong side of the bed and are often rowdy. Regardless of we feel though, keeping a clear and concise schedule often negates our mood. Everyone knows what is required to make it through the day. A simple example of our day is as follows:

  • Get the kids up 7:30
  • Eat Breakfast at 8:00
  • Have Bible Study 8:30
  • Math Class 9:00
  • Language Arts 9:45
  • Break
  • Break is over at 10:00
  • Begin Reading Class 10:05
  • Piano Class 11:00
  • Foreign Language 11:30
  • Lunch 12:30
  • History/Geography 1:00
  • Independent Study 1:45

This is our basic schedule, but not everyday is exactly the same. While we have more freedom for changes than public school or other school curriculum’s we try to stick to this schedule as well as possible. Going on vacation, dealing with sickness, doctor’s, dental visits, will obviously alter our schedule considerably, but keeping things organized allows us this freedom.

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