Should Christians Be Concerned?

Being a Christian is not as simple as it used to be. Increasingly, I read articles that indicate a major disdain for the Christian Faith. Perhaps there is no reason for alarm, but Bernie Sanders has recently come out against Russell Vought, President Trumps’ nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. It seems Mr. Vought a born again believer stated that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation and according to Bernie Sanders, this makes him unfit to be in public office. I wish to encourage anyone that reads this blog post to read the article and pray for Bernie Sanders and of course Russel Vought.
I don’t want to get involved with a political battle of wits with anyone, I am simply stating the facts of the article. Bernie Sanders a recent Presidential candidate did fairly well against Hilary Clinton which means a number of Americans feel this way in regards to Christianity. Should Christians be concerned about this type of sentiment. How soon will this type of thinking affect a parent’s ability to home school their children?
We as believers and home educators must not take for granted the blessing we have to instruct our children Godly principles in regards to their education. Please read the article and consider leaving a comment indicating your thoughts on the ever eroding culture that we once believed to be founded on the Word of God.

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