Summer Break Has Finally Begun

Summer break has finally begun and it honestly could not come soon enough. I am always blessed knowing that I am personally responsible for educating my children. Sometimes the blessing of homeschooling can be filled with undo pressure of organizing chaos. My wife who is an awesome organizer has been searching for the perfect curriculum for next term, and I am happy to say, I believe she has pieced something together that is awesome. Last year we used CLE (Christian Light Education) for Language Arts, Reading, and Math. We have decided to go a different direction with Language Arts and Reading, but will be sticking with the Math Portion. My wife and I are looking for ways to give our little students more of an opportunity for creative writing, so we are doing The Good and the Beautiful. This very colorful curriculum combines Language Arts, Reading, Poetry, and Painting. Once we get things organized, I believe next term will be our best year of home school yet. This summer we will not only spend time preparing for our next school year, but we will hopefully use this summer teaching my children to swim at the YMCA.

Summer Break

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