A Summer Without Home School?

I am feeling very blessed that homeschooling for this term is almost over. Obviously everyone needs a break (mostly for restorative purposes), but this homeschool year has been one the hardest so far. I suspect it will only get more difficult, but before that time comes, I am getting very excited thinking about a summer without home school. If you have read my earlier posts, I addressed the issue of keeping a child’s mind fresh. Rather than spending the first month getting children back up to speed for the school term, I wager that it is important to keep them on a consistent learning path over the summer.

What will you be doing over this summer? Will your children be on a complete break from learning? If so, what will it look like? Our summer without home school will not be a complete break, but it will be enough of a break that everyone in my household will have a time of renewal. I pray part of this renewal will be drawing closer to the Lord.

One intricate part of our summer will include Bible study. My wife has already printed out some free materials about obedience, how to treat others and some other key aspects of Biblical Christianity. We also continue our piano class. This Piano class is a virtual piano teacher called Musiah. This online accessible course is $200 per year and my kiddos are a little over half way through. The good thing about this program is its simplicity of use. Six people can utilize this program as part of a yearly membership. Parents don’t need to read music for this program to be successful.

We will also be keeping up with our Portuguese lessons as well. My wife is from Brazil and her brother will be moving to the United States and he does not speak English. Obviously he will need to learn, but until then, it would be nice if the kids can communicate with him as much as possible.

Aside from these things, we will be going to the YMCA and Vacation Bible schools to keep them occupied over the summer.

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