Are Tablets Good For Children?

Technology continues to intrude upon the lives of all people. While technology has done so many good things for our world, I can’t help but wonder if technology in itself has done much more harm than good? It seems that buying and allowing my children to utilize tablets was the worst mistake of my parental life. I’ve tried learning apps and allowed them to download Bible apps, but unfortunately, they want to play games. I’ve tried limiting my children’s technology use, but it seems my kids eat and breathe their devices. We try to enforce a rule that they will not play any games or use any technological device until certain daily goals are accomplished. They must be excellent during school. I may be the only one with this struggle, but it seems there is quite a bit of grumbling during school. If there is said grumbling, my children are in danger of losing their technology privileges for the day. Also, it is important that chores are completed. In my experience, it is never a good thing to allow children to watch television or play with tablets before chores are done. I have spoken with people and have read in multiple reputable sources that technology has a drastic effect on behavior. There is a euphoria that takes place during screen time that does not take place in other screen free activities. A close friend of mine has totally eliminated screen time for his child and his behavior has done a 180. Are tablets good for children? I don’t believe completely swearing away technology is the answer for a child’s behavioral issues, but I do believe we need to limit its use. I have asked all of my children to take a break from their tablets for one month. In the course of a month, I will evaluate their behavior and if I see a change for the better, I may be forced to change my tune.

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