Tax Credits For Home School Parents

Homeschool parents have been out there on their own for many years, finally State and Federal legislators are taking notice. New Jersey’s Assembly Woman Angela V. McKnight has introduced a bill that would give homeschool parents a tax credit of up to $1000 per child and put to $3000 per tax year. For some parents this is great news, especially in New Jersey, where costs of living is higher than many eastern states. A simple studio apartment costs over $1400 per month and it takes an hourly wage of $26.22 per one adult and child. While this is a welcomed tax credit for some parents, for others, myself included, my uh oh meter begins to go off. Should homeschool parents welcome government into their lives? Unfortunately for me, it makes me wonder if government would try and control what parents should and should not teach their students? Maybe I am just paranoid, and it may be a welcomed change that shows the impact homeschool is having upon our nation, but I would rather see how this plays out in New Jersey before I get excited.
Having four children to buy school for, it can get quite expensive, perhaps not expensive enough for me to want government money. It seems to me history has a number of stories to tell about government meddling in the lives of others. Government has used monetary grievances to eradicate people groups in the past.

On the other hand, if the government wants to recognize homeschool by giving parents tax credits, it certainly couldn’t hurt those with ever so tight budgets. In our home, counting all of the materials, including purchasing a number of used books, our school costs are above $2000. This year unfortunately, the tax credit would be more welcomed than most.
The Bill in New Jersey was only introduced, it is not on the books as approved, but it is something worth looking into I suppose.

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